NZTA Say Rail Not Ruled Out, Or In

A couple of stories on North Shore Rail popped up yesterday. The first was from Stuff / Auckland Now:

NZTA Auckland regional director Ernst Zollner says Pitches is “misleading” people.

Rail hasn’t been ruled-out, he says.

Although harbour crossing route protection work is underway, NZTA doesn’t know precisely when it will be needed or what form it will take, Zollner says.

Which sounds promising (and, no, we’re not misleading anyone), but in another article, where Len Brown says rail will absolutely happen, it appears that rail hasn’t been ruled in either:

Auckland regional director Ernst Zollner said NZTA and local agency Auckland Transport were currently working to protect a future route for an additional harbour crossing.

“While we don’t yet know when it will be required, and precisely what form it will take, in a rapidly growing region it’s essential that we protect and keep our future options open,” he said.

The northern busway serving the suburbs north of the bridge had been a huge success, and one of the benefits of a second crossing would be to continue it across the harbour.

“(It) could then also be used for rail or other innovative public transport options in future,” Zollner said.

So it looks like one of the options is not to include rail in the crossing at all. This is the same mistake made with the original Harbour Bridge in the 1950’s. Let’s not repeat it.