Petition Update

The North Shore Rail campaign is off to a steady start. ¬†We’ve been running the campaign for a little over a week now, and already 750 supporters have signed the petition for rail first across the Waitemata Harbour. There’s been a heap of comments along with the signatures; here are just a few of them:

It makes sense

More roads just mean more cars. All successful international cities have a comprehensive light rail network, and I want my rates to pay for something I may one day get the benefit of ūüôā

A rail link to the North Shore will be a much more practical and cheaper option than road tunnels, delivering better outcomes and will actually help reduce traffic pressure on the existing Northern Motorway and Auckland Harbour Bridge. Building only rail tunnels under the Waitemata Harbour would be the common sense thing to do with limited transport funding – Build the rail tunnels first, which can be done more cheaply and could therefore be started earlier, then see if the road tunnels are still needed later.

Auckland, especially the North Shore with its rapidly expanding population surely deserves a rail network.

We are also pleased to have Greater Auckland and the mighty TransportBlog as supporting organisations now.  Both of these organisations have supported rail to the North Shore right from the beginning, and done so with coherent, evidence based arguments that our campaign draws heavily on.

We need to keep up the momentum.  Not far to go now until the next milestone of 1,000 signatures are reached.  Spread the word.

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