Harbour Crossing Consultation Timeframes Slipping

We recently received an update from the NZTA on when to expect consultation on the new harbour crossing.  Previously we had been told that consultation would be taking place about now, however NZTA are now saying:

Current timeframes have moved slightly to what was previously suggested.

We are planning to share an indicative design with the community in the second half of 2016. At this stage, lodgement is planned for end of 2016 / first half of 2017. This would be followed by public notification and a hearing thereafter.

Obviously it is going to be interesting to see what the “indicative design” will be. Ideally  NZTA will save billions by building rail first to the North Shore, instead of going with a variation of the road-centric designs that we have seen to date.

Talking of designs, last month TransportBlog revisited the idea of a bridge across the harbour instead of a tunnel.  Take a look at some of the stunning designs that could be possible here.

One thought on “Harbour Crossing Consultation Timeframes Slipping

  • To bore tunnels under the harbour would be far to costly unless, do the same as they did in Hong Kong and build them on shore and lower them a section at a time into a trench. The best way and the cheapest is a bridge, taking road transport, rail transport and pedestrians with room for this much wanted cycleway.
    Some years back in the NS paper they showed the plans of three different bridges, 2 by govt designers and one private company. The one by the private company covered all that was wanted, looked the nicest and was the cheapest of the three.
    The rail from that bridge you put up the special bus lane that we now have and you extend it all the way to Orewa. If you say this couldn’t be done, then go to Singapore and ask their rail designers to come down here and show you how it is done.
    Just use the busses to feed into the rail

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