AWHC Impacts On Victoria Park

Officials from the NZTA have provided an update on the likely impact on Victoria Park

Currently we understand that during construction a portion of Victoria Park, in the vicinity of the current viaduct (i.e. towards the western end), will be needed in order to build the tunnels and permanently remove the current viaduct structure.

Post-construction the park will be reinstated and, with the removal of the overhead viaduct, we envisage this will provide a more open and useable space for the city. We would also look to work with Auckland Council on any opportunities for enhancement to the park during the reinstatement just as we did as part of the Victoria Park Tunnel project.

So if the road crossing goes ahead it looks like the popular skate park may have to go during construction, and the NZTA aren’t saying at this stage what the impact on the Victoria Park trees will be.  The trade off will be the possibility of moving the current viaduct underground, something that could have been done as part of the Victoria Park tunnel project.

And an update on when consultation and next steps are supposed to start:

Our current timeframes for public consultation are February 2017 which will avoid the busy Christmas period.  The relevant planning approvals will be lodged with Auckland Council once the project team have had opportunity to review and consider feedback from consultation – likely a month or two following.